3 Tips To Help Your Child Learn To Love Reading

If your child doesn't have an instant love of reading, you may have worried that this will impact your child's academic success or even their future career. While everyone has their own hobbies and interests, there are a few things you can do to help your child enjoy reading.

1. Encourage Them to Read What Interests Them

Some children don't like to read because they aren't interested in the material that they're reading. Let your child read whatever interests them. Ideally, you should allow them to select the genres and titles that they find interesting. They don't have to limit themselves to fictional stories. Nonfiction books, how-to books, and reference books are acceptable if they like the content.

Don't restrict titles that may be a little advanced or too easy for your child's reading abilities. If your child doesn't comprehend the story or finds it boring, you can address these problems if and when the issue arises.

Remember, your child doesn't have to stick with reading books. Your child might like to read the information on collectible trading cards. Or, maybe they like to read the back of cereal boxes. Magazines are another fun alternative. If they want to read something, encourage them to do so. 

2. Read a Little Bit Every Single Day

Reading to your child every day or encouraging your child to read on a daily basis is an invaluable habit that exposes your child to thousands of new words. This helps them expand their vocabulary and enhances their language skills.

Turn reading into a habit by making sure that your child reads for a few moments every single day. Your child's teacher can assist you in determining an age-appropriate time goal. Remember, your child doesn't have to complete all of the reading at once. It's fine to do a few pages here and there until they meet their goal.

3. Check With Your Child's Teacher for Advice

Schedule a meeting with your child's teacher to see if they have any advice to develop your child's love of reading. Perhaps your child needs a little bit more practice with their sight words or letter sounds. Or, maybe they just need a lot of encouragement to master a new skill like reading.

Your child's teacher can also recommend suitable games and learning apps that can assist your child in learning to read or enhancing their existing reading skills. Ask if the school has any subscriptions to programs or software that develop reading skills.

By encouraging your child's love of reading, you will help them succeed in their education.