Three Reasons Why Private Schools Are Growing In Popularity

Private schools were once limited to the elite and to the wealthy. However, as more private schools began to offer scholarships and opportunities for children from other social classes, this idea about private schools began to change. Now there are many private schools that offer a K-12 education to anyone, regardless of social standing or ability to pay, and they are growing in popularity. Here are three reasons why.

Small Classroom Size

In larger cities where classroom size can barely fit enough desks for students, too many fights break out and too few students get the individual attention they need. Special needs students have an even more difficult time in these crowded classrooms, since there is too much that overwhelms them and not enough one-on-one attention to help them with their assignments, classroom notes, etc. In private schools, parents can expect significantly smaller classes, having fewer than half of the class size in public schools in the same school district. Smaller class size equals more attention for the students that need it, which in turn equals more academic success.

Required Uniforms Make Students Equal to Each Other

Because all of the students in a private school wear the same uniform or stick to a very strict dress code (e.g., no clothing brand logos, no expensive clothes), everyone appears on equal footing with their peers. This reduces the possibility of bullying and/or theft over iconic and expensive items that wealthy kids have and the less-than-wealthy kids do not. The uniforms and dress code also encourages kids to get to know each other without prejudice because they cannot base any prejudice or preconceived notions on appearance.

Extra Courses in Music, Art and Foreign Language Encourage Hidden Talents to Emerge

Kids who would not otherwise discover that they have some special talents in the arts, music or foreign language learn what they are capable of in private schools. These newfound talents are encouraged, strengthened and channeled into career options and college education studies. Students in senior high private schools can focus on college admissions, admission test practices, and even participate in some college-level courses that can transfer to private colleges, Ivy League schools and public colleges. If you decide to enroll your child in a private school, be sure to ask what extra courses they offer, both as part of their daily curriculum and as their extracurricular offerings to enrich your child's academic life.