3 Reasons To Choose A Private Grade School Not Affiliated With Your Evangelical Faith

As an evangelical Christian who wants to make sure your children get an excellent academic education, you may be wrestling with a decision about where they should be schooled. You don't want to send them to a public school, as you prefer smaller class sizes, more rigorous academics and a stricter atmosphere in general. That leaves the options of homeschooling, Christian private school or secular or nondenominational private school.

There are sound reasons to send your children to a school not affiliated with any particular religion, so consider that possibility carefully.

Connecting With Society

Christian children who attend a secular or nondenominational private school avoid being overly sheltered from regular society. The environment is more insulated than that of a public school, but they'll still encounter people of various faiths, and probably even children who didn't grow up in any religious tradition.

Their school experience will provide them with perspective as they grow up and need to connect with society at large. They'll develop social skills with many different kinds of individuals, which is essential unless they live and work in very restricted environments.

Showing the Christian Example

You probably don't want your youngsters preaching their religion at school, as that is likely to make the other kids uncomfortable. Nevertheless, your children can provide a great example of your fundamental Christian lifestyle just by going about their usual routines.

For example, your kids may remain calm and confident in the face of adversity because they trust in God. Your children also can be role models by offering help to others and readily obeying their teachers. When they make friends and those youngsters come to your home, they'll experience the warmth and welcoming hospitality of a Christian family. 

Focusing on Faith at Home

Christian parents often send their children to religious schools or homeschool them because of fears that any other environment will lure them from the faith. However, this concern can actually strengthen your family as a safe haven.

You'll practice your religion at home, pray together and read the Bible, attend church and send your kids to Sunday school. You'll participate in church social events as part of the community. When your children become teenagers, they can join your church's youth group. You might open your home's doors to the group and welcome them to have meetings and spend social time there. 

Are You Interested?

If you find the idea of a secular or nondenominational private school appealing, contact the private schools in your area and learn more. Visit the ones that look promising and talk with administrators and teachers. When you find the school that's the best fit for your family, you'll be ready to enroll your children.